Woodworking machinery noise reduction measures

Update: 12-10-2019

When the noise level exceeds the national standard, noi […]

When the noise level exceeds the national standard, noise reduction measures shall be taken on the construction and layout.
(1) Ceilings (slag wool sound absorbing panels) for sound absorbing materials shall be installed in large workshops with a height of 6 m. For tall and long buildings, if the width is less than the height, sound-absorbing panels should be installed on both sides of the wall.
(2) When the height of the plant exceeds 6m, install a sound-absorbing ceiling on the top of the woodworking machine.
(3) If the noise level of the woodworking machine in the factory is high and the remote operation is allowed, the operator can work in the soundproof room.
(4) According to the different noise intensity of woodworking machine tools, proper arrangement of each device can also achieve the purpose of reducing the noise level. The most noisy equipment such as planers, circular saws, and band saws should be placed separately from other equipment.


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