The method of controlling the edge quality of the automatic edge banding machine

Update: 04-09-2020

The quality of the edge banding machine directly affect […]

The quality of the edge banding machine directly affects the price of the product, especially for the production of solid wood furniture such as various wooden doors. Today, the editor sums up many years of experience and introduces the method of controlling the edge quality of the automatic edge banding machine.
1. If a thick edge banding is used for edge banding, the tightness of the pressing roller of the automatic edge banding machine should be adjusted to the best position, which is often too tight. Since the edge banding belt is slightly longer than the workpiece, when the pressing roller presses the edge banding belt to grow out of one side, a force perpendicular to the feeding direction is given to the edge banding belt. At this time, the glue is not fully cured and the bonding strength is not high. The tail is easy to loosen and not stick firmly.
2. The indoor temperature during the processing of the fully automatic edge banding machine should not be too low, generally it should be above 15°C, especially when the edge banding tape is thick, the flexibility will be insufficient, and the normal part-time job of the preheating device should be guaranteed. If there is no preheating device It is also possible to use electric hair dryer heating and other methods to soften the edge banding. This method is especially suitable for curved edge banding. There shall be no wind in the processing workshop.
3. The quality of the edge banding affects the edge banding effect. The edges of products sealed with good quality edge bands are tight, and the edges of products sealed with poor quality edge bands have large cracks and a clear black line. . When machine trimming, the background is easy to scratch the surface. From the section of the thick edge banding, the middle part of the glued surface should be slightly concave than the two sides. The product sealed with this kind of edge banding tape has a tighter edge and good effect.
4. The moisture content of the solid wood edge banding material should not be too high. It should be stored in a cool and dry room. The base material must be free of dust and the best moisture content is 8-10%.
5. Because the edge banding speed is very fast, the adhesive must have very good dispersibility and permeability to the substrate under low pressure, and it must have very good initial tack. It should be glued and bonded instantly under short-term pressure. firm. When applying, pay attention to ensure that the temperature of the hot melt adhesive is within the normal temperature range. A long time too high temperature will cause the glue to separate; the hot melt adhesive cannot achieve good mobility at low temperatures, so you must master the supplier’s supply during application. The data.
6. ​​The amount of hot melt adhesive applied should be based on the slight extruding of the glue from the outer edge of the glued part. If it is too large, there will be a black line at the sealing edge, which will affect the appearance; if it is too small, the bonding strength will be insufficient. In order to check whether the adhesive film is continuous, you can use a transparent hard PVC tape to test; you can also use ordinary edge banding tape to seal the edge, and tear off the edge banding tape for inspection when the glue is not cooled.
7. For application manufacturers of automatic edge banding machines without front milling cutter device, the cutting quality of the semi-finished products to be banded also affects the edge banding effect. Generally, in order to prevent the product from bursting, the manufacturer will use a scoring saw (commonly known as a small saw blade) when cutting. The best effect after cutting should be that the small saw blade can be seen at the section but cannot be felt to the touch. When the small saw blade marks are too deep, the sealing will not be secure. A black line and even cracks can be seen at the sealing edge. It is too shallow and easy to burst.

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