Repair of common problems of semi-automatic edge banding machine

Update: 30-08-2019

1. Problems in the press part cause the trimming and po […]

1. Problems in the press part cause the trimming and polishing equipment to work abnormally. If the plate is not pressed tightly, or if there is a high or low pressure before and after the plate is pressed, when the plate travels to the glued part, a certain pressure is applied to the side of the plate by the rubberizing wheel and the pressing wheel, causing the plate to be displaced and deviating from the reference line, resulting in Subsequent processes cannot be completed.
The plate is pressed tightly, and the front and rear tightness are the same. Then the reference ruler and the contour wheel of the trimming tool are placed on the plate, and finally the tool is adjusted until the desired effect, and the problem is solved.
2. The trimming reference plane did not find the board surface.
The trimming knife can accurately trim the edge of the edge band thanks to the horizontal ruler (the oblique pressure wheel or the arc plate) and the vertical ruler (the copy wheel) next to the trimming knife. If they don't fit snugly on the moving sheet, they will not be able to make the right lines.
Feed a long, flat-faced sheet into the edge banding machine (be careful not to apply glue). When the sheet travels to cover the position of polishing, scraping, finishing, roughing, stop the conveyor belt to the surface. For the reference, place the horizontal and vertical reference parts mentioned above on the board, and place the cutting edge of the tool close to the edge of the board, waiting for the back to fine-tune until the desired effect appears.
3. The looseness of the screw causes the trimming to be unstable.
Find the datum, tighten the screws, and adjust the tool.

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