Production process of automatic edge banding machine

Update: 14-02-2020

During the edge banding process of the automatic edge b […]

During the edge banding process of the automatic edge banding machine, if the edge band with a thickness of less than 0.6mm is soft, stretched, deformed, and cannot withstand high temperatures, it is because the edge banding speed is too slow and the hot melt adhesive stays for too long It can be improved by speeding up the edge banding speed, high-speed conveyor belt, and adjusting the amount of glue. The reference speed is above 8m / min. If it is a double-sided coating edge banding machine, this phenomenon generally occurs less often.
The ideal temperature for automatic edge banding machine is 190-210 ℃. Due to different hot melt adhesives of different brands and models, it can also be used at 120-210 ℃ according to the characteristics of hot melt adhesives. The higher the temperature, the better the bonding strength. Try to use high temperature hot melt adhesives to achieve the best results.

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