Introduction of working steps of automatic edge banding machine

Update: 12-08-2020

The automatic edge banding machine is suitable for the […]

The automatic edge banding machine is suitable for the edge banding and modification of various boards. Generally, the edge banding materials are also various, such as pvc, pe, solid wood strips, thin wood boards, etc. The products are more serialized, and also provide customers with diversified select. So what are the working steps of the fully automatic edge banding machine? Let me introduce it to you below.
1. Pre-milling is the overall treatment with double milling cutters, such as the treatment of non-vertical, burr and corrugated marks, which can improve the integrity and aesthetics of the sheet and the edge of the seal. Closer together.
 2. Glue edge sealing. A special structure is used to apply double-sided glue between the edge banding material and the edge banding board. The structure will be more stable, more adhesive, and stronger.
 Third, the heads are aligned, the high-frequency and high-speed motor and the mold with automatic tracking ability are used to cut the structure, which can ensure the neat and smooth cutting surface.
Four. Finishing, as with the same head, the motor and die are used to finish the board to make the upper and lower parts of the board smoother and cleaner.
5. Polishing, use a cotton polishing wheel to polish the processed plate to make the surface of the plate smoother.
The general working steps of the automatic edge banding machine are the above complaints. The automatic edge banding machines produced by our company are all high-quality products, which can realize stepless speed regulation, realize the edge banding speed of various sheets and obtain better Processing effect.

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