Importance of sawing board for woodworking board cutting machine

Update: 10-04-2020

Why use woodworking board cutting machine, some of them […]

Why use woodworking board cutting machine, some of them will have low cutting accuracy and uneven surface, the main reason is the sawing board of multi-piece saw. The quality of the sawing board of the woodworking board cutting machine is very important, because the saw blade adjusts the rotation, it not only transmits the cutting force but also maintains the stability of the work, the excellent saw blade not only has static geometric size and accuracy, but more importantly Its dynamic characteristics, when the saw blade is continuously cut, the heat generated by the alloy sawtooth cutting will be transmitted to the saw board, so that the temperature of the saw board rises, and the high-quality saw board can maintain the accuracy of the expression in this case, and Saw blades with poor quality will warp the saw board, affecting the cutting accuracy. The dynamic stability of the saw board is particularly important for the precise use of several saw blades in groups. Choosing woodworking plate cutting machine must choose the machine of the big manufacturer, the quality of the machine and after-sales service are guaranteed.Panel Sawing Machine

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