How to install the automatic edge banding machine?

Update: 17-04-2020

Before installing the automatic edge banding machine, y […]

Before installing the automatic edge banding machine, you should check whether the ground is firm and flat, and install the machine on the concrete ground to ensure the stability of the machine after adjustment. At the same time, the light intensity at the installation site should be no less than 500LUX, and sufficient space should be guaranteed It is used for installation, operation access, repair and maintenance.
Machine installation steps are as follows:
1. Remove the packaging of fixed mechanical parts.
2. Place the machine on the ground and adjust the level.
3. Fix the roll edge banding material on the machine with a storage turntable.
4. Connect the external power cord, 220V 50HZ three-phase four-wire power, the total power cord diameter should be more than 4 square centimeters.
5. Connect the gas source.
6. Connect the suction pipe to the dust removal equipment.
7. Check whether the voltage is normal, and ensure that the compressed air is sufficient and dry.

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