How to do the maintenance of the edge banding machine?

Update: 06-09-2019

1. First of all, we must adhere to the plot of the vari […]

1. First of all, we must adhere to the plot of the various directions of the edge-sealing machine body. For example, the rubber that is brought out by the board near the glue will dry to other parts, which will directly affect its normal operation.

2. There are some pre-millings, some tails and tails, some trimming and scraping edges, there will be a lot of cut edge bandings, even if there is vacuuming equipment, it will not be very clean, and the edge banding will fly everywhere. Affects the various sliding and tumbling parts and also affects the trimming. Therefore, every shift must be finished with edge banding.

3. the work part of the view, regularly check the sound of each work part, the temperature is not the appearance of abnormal noise and fever.

4. Timing the working parts of the edge banding machine regularly.

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