Functions that can be added to the automatic edge banding machine

Update: 21-08-2020

Fully automatic edge banding machine is one of the impo […]

Fully automatic edge banding machine is one of the important equipment of modern plate processing enterprises or furniture manufacturers. Its degree of automation and processing flow can be customized according to the production needs of the enterprise. Some functions are wasteful if they are not used, and some functions will also be reduced. Production efficiency, so before we buy a fully automatic edge banding machine, we must consider clearly which specific functions we need for our own production to avoid missing selection and waste.
Pre-milling function: Pre-milling is a customized function. After the plate enters the conveyor belt, double milling cutters are used to re-modify the edges, ripples, and burrs caused by the panel saw and the sliding table saw. Better edge banding effect, make the edge band and the board fit more closely, and the integrity and aesthetics are better. If the effect of your sliding table saw is average, or the edge of the plate is not beautiful, then pre-milling can be added as an option.
Slotting function: Slotting function is divided into horizontal slotting and vertical slotting. It can be used for direct grooving of side panels and bottom plates of wardrobes, and it can also be used for grooving aluminum edging of door panels. Reduce the working procedures of panel saws or end mills, which is more convenient and faster.
Side punching function: automatic side punching after edge banding, flushing and trimming of the plate, generally used with "CNC cutting and punching machine", which can automatically cut the plate, punch vertical holes, and cooperate with automatic edge banding The side drilling on the machine can replace the drill row and reduce the manual function.
Transfer function: The transfer function is divided into upper transfer and lower transfer, seamless transfer at the bottom, high temperature heat transfer rubber wheels, used to fit the edge seam of the lower sheet. The upper seamless transfer is used for the edge seam treatment on the top of the board, showing an integrated effect.
So everyone should add functions according to their own needs and don't blindly follow the trend. Add what you can use and choose a fully automatic edge banding machine that suits you.

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