Woodworking circular saw machine safety operation procedures

Update: 03-06-2019

1. The woodworking circular saw machine should be inspe […]

1. The woodworking circular saw machine should be inspected before starting. There should be no cracks in the cutting edge. The tightening screws should be tightened. No wood or tools should be placed on the machine.

2. It is strictly forbidden to hang the belt or hold the wooden stick before the woodworking circular saw machine is completely stopped.

3, woodworking circular saw machine oil injection should be carried out after parking, or do not stop with a long mouth oil pot to raise. If abnormal conditions occur during the operation of the machine, stop the inspection immediately.

4. When using woodworking circular saw to process wet or thrifty wood, the feeding speed should be strictly controlled, and it is strictly forbidden to push or yank.

5. Check before operation, the saw blade should not have cracks, and the screws should be tightened.

6. Wear protective glasses when working, standing on the side of the saw blade, not standing on the front, and the arm must not cross the saw blade.

7. The feeding should be close to the mountain, and the force should not be too strong. If it is hard, it should be pushed slowly. After receiving the saw blade for 15cm, it should not be hard pulled by hand.

8. For short and narrow materials, the stick should be pushed. The picking hook should be used for the material. The large material exceeding the radius of the saw blade should not be sawed.

9. The circular saw must be equipped with a protective cover. On the side of the circular saw, a semi-circular protective plate should be installed to prevent the wooden piece from flying and injuring people.

10. When the saw is long and large, it must be operated by two people. The auxiliary operator on the opposite side applies the force to grasp the wood to prevent the sawtooth from returning to the wood.

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