Complete set of woodworking machinery safety operation procedures

Update: 03-06-2019

Woodworking machinery safety operation procedures 1. Mu […]

Woodworking machinery safety operation procedures

1. Must comply with the relevant rules and regulations of the company.
2. Fireworks are strictly prohibited in the workplace, and fire-fighting equipment must be equipped as required.
3. The operator must go through the training and education of the department head, understand the structure, performance and use of the mechanical equipment, and master the technical knowledge about use, maintenance, maintenance, safety production and so on. Circuit failure must be eliminated by a professional electrician.
4. During the work period, you must not play mobile phones, doze off, play, play, play cards, play chess and other things that are not related to work, and are not allowed to leave the job position. You are not allowed to go to work after drinking. If you are unwell, report to the supervisor in time. Vacation.
5. It is strictly forbidden to wear slippers to work. It is strictly forbidden to wear gloves for mechanical work. The operators should use the labor protection articles correctly according to the regulations.
6. Before the operation, carefully check whether the tools, equipment, safety devices are intact and there are no foreign objects in the work area. Start the equipment after confirming that there is no foreign matter.
7. Before the operation, the test machine must be tested for at least 2-3 minutes to check whether the components are in normal operation and the safety protection device is safe and reliable before operation. Before starting the machine, the debris around the machine and the work area under the foot must be cleaned. If necessary, the board should be placed in the work area.
8. It is forbidden to place objects on the work surface of mechanical equipment. The adjustment of the machinery should be reported to the department head for the arrangement. It is strictly forbidden to install the mold or adjust when the power is turned on.
9. It is forbidden to extend the hand to the blade to remove the wood, clean the equipment, remove wood chips (wood dust) and wood blocks while the equipment is running or the power is turned off but still in inertia.
10. For the exposed drive parts such as chains, gears and belts, guards and guard plates must be installed.
11. Non-mechanical operators are not allowed to use the equipment without the consent of the department head. Non-electrician professionals are not allowed to change the circuit privately. The mechanical operator is not allowed to operate equipment that is not related to his work.
12. If any abnormality or malfunction occurs during the mechanical operation, it must be immediately shut down and checked to confirm that the machine is working properly.
13. The power must be turned off after the operation and the locker door is locked.
14. Clean the wood chips on the machine table in time. It is strictly forbidden to clean by hand. The wood chips should be stored at the designated place.
15. The power and wiring of the equipment must be checked daily. The damaged wires must be repaired by an electrician.
16. In the event of a violation of the rules, any employee can report to the superior to follow the rules and give the reporter appropriate rewards.
17. In the event of casualties, the injured leaders should be actively rescued and reported to the superiors and administrative departments in a timely manner. The site should be protected and the production should be suspended within a certain range when the production permits.
Employees are subject to illegal work and injury, resulting in all consequences at their own risk. Two violations within one year will be withdrawn from the factory.

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