Planer safety operation procedures

Update: 03-06-2019

1. The cutting edge should be sharp, the installation s […]

1. The cutting edge should be sharp, the installation should be firm, the cutting edge should not have cracks, and the protective devices and equipment components should be effective. When planing the plane, the appropriate amount of knife should be selected according to the softness and hardness of the material and the performance requirements of the machine.

2. Shorter workpieces must use a platen or pusher. When pushing the wood by hand, the hand shall not pass through the planer. It shall not be pushed by the abdomen against the wood. When the wood is connected, the person shall stand on the side, the hand planer shall be above 300 mm, the advancement speed shall be slow, and the planer shall not exceed the work surface. Millimeter. Always pay attention to knots, nails and other metal objects when working.

3, the plan should keep the body steady, hands-on operation. When shaving a large surface, the hand should be pressed on the inclined surface; when shaving the small surface, the finger should not be lower than half of the material height and not less than 3cm. Do not push by hand after the material.

4. The amount of planing should not exceed 1.5mm each time. The feed rate should be uniform. The force should be light when passing through the planer. Do not return the material above the planer.

5, double operation, focus on energy, coordination should be coordinated, on the large planer, less than 400 mm long, 50 mm wide, 20 mm thick, on a small planer, less than 300 mm long, 40 mm wide, 20 mm thick Wood is not allowed to be processed.

6. When processing the narrow surface of the thin plate, the thin plate must be placed against the backing plate. It is strictly forbidden to leave the backing plate and plan to prevent the material from hurting the hand. When processing wet or frugal wood, the feeding speed should be strictly controlled. Tug.

7. It is strictly forbidden to hang the belt or hold the wooden stick before the wood plane planer is completely stopped. If the machine is running abnormally, it should stop and check the treatment immediately. When changing the blade or adjusting the amount of cutting, the power must be cut off or picked up. Drop the belt and wait until it stops. It is strictly forbidden to adjust during operation to prevent the accident caused by the contact between the table and the planing blade;

8. The weight and thickness of the blade of the same planer must be the same, and the tool holder and the clamp must be matched. Tools with a blade weld that exceeds the tip and cracks must not be used. The screws securing the blade should be inserted into the groove and not less than 10 mm from the back of the blade.

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