Common faults of curved edge banding machine in use

Update: 11-01-2020

1. Electrical failure. Including the main engine stalli […]

1. Electrical failure. Including the main engine stalling, the temperature is not fast, the program is disordered, etc., if not removed in time, it will burn out the motor and heating tube, and even damage the entire mechanical system. Mainly check the electrical control box, motor, heating tube, delayer, etc. during maintenance. This overhaul is usually repaired by a professional or by the manufacturer.

2. The gas path is faulty. Including gas valve failure, air leakage, low air pressure, cutting knife, feeding is not working, etc., mainly check the integrity of various pneumatic components, replacement parts can be carried out under the guidance of technical staff of the manufacturer.

3. Mechanical failure. Mainly there are transmission failure, uneven coating, feeding failure and cutter failure, etc., mainly check the integrity and solid parts of each mechanical part, and whether the transmission part has shifted.

4. Bonding failure. Such as sticking, deviation, entrainment, etc., this is a comprehensive failure, and is related to the rubber shaft, edge banding, sol, substrate and operation. This kind of failure may occur alternately or singly, and the specific maintenance depends on the situation.

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