Automatic edge banding machine purchase standard

Update: 12-09-2020

Purchasing a high-quality automatic edge banding machin […]

Purchasing a high-quality automatic edge banding machine directly affects the use of the automatic edge banding machine, so users can consider the following aspects before purchasing: price, manufacturer, brand, function, configuration, and model. We can get a general understanding of the required type through product introduction.
1. Price
The customer wants to choose a cost-effective edge banding machine, but once the performance and price are put together, there must be a trade-off. If the customer has sufficient funds, they can consider a high-configuration automatic edge banding machine. If the venture capital is very small, choose the general automatic edge banding The machine is also good.
2. Manufacturer considerations
Customers can search for some manufacturer information and other customer reviews to see how the manufacturer is.
3. Functional considerations
The functions of the automatic edge banding machine are divided into curves and straight lines. The selection of the edge banding machine mainly depends on the shape and characteristics of the workpiece to be processed. The functions of the curved edge banding machine include: gluing, tape feeding, tape cutting, constant temperature, meter counting, speed adjustment , But due to the manual edge banding, the quality is relatively low, mainly manifested in the low bonding strength, poor repeat accuracy, and high rework rate. At the same time, the manual edge banding machine is relatively difficult to seal the commonly used thick edge bands (1.0-3.0mm), while the thin edge bands (0.4-1.0mm) used on some invisible parts can be straight and curved. Processing. Linear edge banding machines include: gluing, tape feeding, tape cutting, temperature fixing, feeding, rough trimming, fine trimming, scraping, flushing, polishing, lighting, preheating, premilling, slotting, tracking.
The linear automatic edge banding machine is often used in simple-shaped edge banding products such as office furniture and cabinets. The configuration of the edge banding machine mainly considers the increase or decrease of output and some functions. For example, the edge banding materials such as PVC or ABS need to be sealed. Edge machine scraper device; for solid wood edge banding, it is necessary to increase the edge banding machine finishing knife and edge banding machine sanding device; to ensure the quality of the edge banding and not be affected by the low winter temperature, choose the edge banding machine to be equipped with far infrared preheating Equipped with edge banding machine; there are many other optional edge banding machine additional configurations, such as edge banding machine automatic tracking fillet, edge banding machine arc edge function, edge banding machine milling cutter slotting device, etc.
Curve edge banding can be processed with glue, tape feeding, tape cutting, temperature fixing, meter counting, speed adjustment, and several methods. At present, most manufacturers use manual curve automatic edge banding machines to process curved edge parts, especially plate parts with inner arcs. The diameter of the wheel of the edge banding machine will determine the maximum curve depth that can be processed. The use of manual edge banding machine to seal the curved edge has the characteristics of simple operation and low investment.
4. Configuration considerations
The pressure beam of the edge banding machine has aluminum beam and steel beam, and the electrical appliances include Chint and Schneider or others. The cylinder is generally available, and the motor is a copper core motor.

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